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Learn about LED and Plasma HDTV

How and Why to Recycle Your Television

ContentsWhere to Recycle Your TelevisionAdditional Reading on Recycling Your Television:Do YOU Recycle Your Television? This is probably not something you have thought about before, but what happens to your television after you throw it away is something you should care about. If not for you, then for your children and future generations. Rather than giving  Full Article…


How to Show a PC Screen on Your HDTV

If you’re buying a brand new HDTV and have a new(er) computer (with Windows 7 for instance), you’re most likely not going to have any trouble with connecting your PC to your HDTV so you can see Windows from 10 feet away. However, there are some things you’re going to want to think about before  Full Article…


What is an LED Television?

LED televisions are similar to regular LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions, but there is one key difference – they use hundreds of LED (light emitting diodes) to create the picture instead of fluorescent lamps found in normal LCD televisions. This change has brought new life to LCD HDTVs, making them more popular because they’re able  Full Article…